No love for the brothers at the HBCU’s..

Yesterday was a day of graduation all around the country. It was also Moorehouse College graduation day in Atlanta, Georgia and the commencement speaker was none other than The President of The United States. What surprised me initially was the lack of coverage for this great day of excellence; because there were 500 black men who were about to do something that most white Americans hardly gets to see….Graduate from a University!

The media did give this story about 20seconds of coverage and highlighted some of The President empowering words to the now “Moorehouse Men”, yet what I didn’t see was the enthusiastic from the writers,reporters or media in general about the positive side of the fact that not all young black men want to rap, play sports, be an actor. Some just want to do their part as true American citizens and try to change the world.

I was elated that The President was here doing the speech on a black historic college campus, yet I was also proud of the fact that despite all the adversities somehow these 500 young men held it toge

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” you have Eat The Word & Hide The Word In your Spirit”!



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O’ Give Thanks for He Iz Good, His mercies endures for-ever!

Today started off a normal day but another day of being late on many of my bills.  Although money is tight and I have exhausted everyway possible to earn extra income I have been struggling literally for the past seven months.  I have been excited about this year ending because it has been one of the worst years financially I’ve endured in nearly 14 years and believe me it had nothing to do with the economy.

We as humans go through our seasons of famine and our seasons of prosperity in which we are blessed in the overflow by grace.  Yet in our famine we go through a test of our will, our hope, our faith, our patience and our obedience in listening to what the holy spirit is trying to say to us.  Sometimes we get impatient and begin to use our own minds and ideas on how to get out of our dilema/funk.  We at times even compromise our character and our integrity to get the resources we need to put us back in the black.  Yet what happens when your spirit is saying to you “peace be still”.  What if God is preparing you for your next assignment which will be more than you could have ever imagine.  If you take things into your own hands than maybe you do get the finances you need to stay afloat yet you’ve missed the opportunity to have become the next millionare or an entrepreneur by starting your ouwn business.

But “O’ give thanks to the Lord for He is good and his mercies endure forever”!  That’s what I have to say because I stayed the course and ran my race and now I have finally made the monies to pay not only my debtors but to also resume my ministry along with my internet tv show, my non-profit and my radio show as well as a comfortable savings and retirement funds.  There were many days when I thought I would never see daylight and I didn’t see the forest from the trees so to speak but “O’ give thanks to the Lord for His mercies are good and endures forever”!

I’m so glad I listen for the sound of God’s voice and not my friends, families, media or associates because it is Gods will that is what’s best for me and only He knows (my ending) before my beginning.  I am thankful to be filled with the holyspirit that c

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Exercise your Faith & Get to Steppin!

For many Americans and people around this great nation of ours this has been a year to forget rather than a year to remember.  We’ve have had tragedies from the death of famous celebrities such as Whitney Houston to Michael Clark Duncan.  We have also had tsunamis all over the Asian Pacific as well as Hurricans Sandy which struck the northeast leaving many of our brothers and sisters dead from the flooding waters and months later people are still without fresh water, food, power, gas, clothes, and adequate maedical supplies and assistants to say the least.

The devastation has left hundreds of thousands of people in a state of turmoil and desperation and yet the rebuilding process has only begun.  So we send our special prayers to all families affected by all the above tragedies mentioned and for any loss of a loved one this year under any circumstances.  It’s hard to lose a loved one and it is just as hard having to start all over after you have lost everything that you’d ever owned or possessed in your entire life.  For many people that means the loss of a job or home and in some instances both.  Maybe you’ve lost a loved one, meaning because of your job loss your marriage has failed and your children are dispersed all over the state living with relatives, friends, or in-laws.  This too can cause a traumatic effect a marriage-relationship and on the children as well from their grades slipping or them acting out because they don’t understand that the things they once took for granted such as their own rooms now have become someone’s couch in which everyhone sits and entertain company.  You can say that in this case everybody’s world has turned upside down. 

So how does one cope with this suddenly and unexpected disruption in their lives.  I mean what remedy besides an income can truly put things back to where they once were?  Scriptures tells us that we are “to be of good cheer” and to fear not.  Yet in this flesh this carnal mindset how can we not fear or be encouraged when all hell has broke lose all around you and there’s no help coming?   Simply by faith my beloved; it is the ultimate remedy for all cures in this world we live in.  C.S. Spurgeon said it this way, “for faith is the wealth in the heavenly life”.  The bigger your faith will deermined the size of your grace.  Nothing is too hard for our God that we may go through only if we just excercise our faith.  This may sound undoable when bill collectors are constantly calling and eviction notices are on the front door yet we must endure through our strength, patience and belief.

David had feared when he was king and was on the run for his life from his own son, it was then in the wilderness when he had time with God that he came up with the 23 psalms where he said “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil, for you are with me your rod and your staff, they comfort me” (psams 23:4). 
The women married to the prophet under Elisha remembered, who once fear the creditors who had come to take her 2 sons in bondage cried to Elisha saying she had nothing but a bit of oil  and was given a command by Elishsa to collect vessels from her neighbors and to pour the oil that she had into the vessels was instantly and suddenly by faith able to gather enough oil not only to pay the creditors but she also had enough to live off on her and her sons.

You see faith plays a major role in you being delivered from anything that you may be going through right now this year. Faith gives you the blessings through grace while God gets the glory and what a trade off that is; you get something while earning nothing! It is by His will that we accept our fate and trust that God knows what’s best for you and for me.  We must trust that all things are possible t

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12/21/2012 “The End of Time”

Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of talk radio as well as blogs, documentaries and books talking about 12/21/2012 being the end of the world as we know it.  It was the last date in the Myons calender as well as many scholars predicted this date to signify the end of the world. Yet when you really get down to it, who really knows when the end will come?  After all we went through the same scenario several years ago in 1999 when sooooo many predictions was on the news 24/7.  Everyh major news media covered it then we had another pastor claiming it would end sometime in the spring and then October, you get my point.  People or man shall I say has forever had this crazy controlling passion to be able to use natural causes in the Universe to turn it into a cash cow for some reason or another.  If man can control the time and place when the world will end then he will have made him a hastely exit plan while minipulating others to believe in some made up theory for distraction.

Its like this blog is a lot of nonsense and we know for a fact that the only real discriptive example we have of what may or may not happen is written in the Bible.  People may say many negaive and or positive thing about the Bible but one things for sure and that is even Jesus himself does not know when the end will happen.  The only thing we know is that there will be wars and rumors of wars.  There will be natural dissasters and we’re witnessing these on a daily basis.  We know men and women shall be lovers of themselves; we know that there will be tribulations wich are on the horizons.  You see the only predictions that have came to pass has been already written and we know that we are on the final lap of this. Race of ours.  So we should individually begin. To love ourselves, love our enemies, love our neighbors and love this wonderful earth of ours that God gave us because in the end that’s all tha will have ever mattered….”did you love”….peace,

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It’s Over Now! (Financial struggles in 2012)

It’s over now! This year began with money flowing like a river for me!  I mean if I closed my eyes I would make a thousand bucks instantly!  Life was good family was cool and I was in the black.. soon after things got slow money didn’t flow like it used too and bills seemed harder and harder to pay on time!  I was flabergasted to say the least and could not stop the bleeding!

The funny thing is that my friends were going through the same problems as I was and I found myself more concerned about their welfare than my own.  It took nearly 5 1/2 months of struggling to realize what was the problem and how I can get things back like they were before.  You see life comes in seasons and some seasons brings more rain than sunshine.  I’ve endured so much of a wintery, stormy type of season that I began to try everything o could think of to get out of this mess!  Then it hit me; maybe this was my storms to weather and I just have to bunker down and bare its wrath.  Storms come at time to strengthen you for your next assignment in your life.  If gives you discipline, humility, patience, knowledge and wisdom to bare anything that may come you way.

Now I can see brighter days ahead although I’m still in the aftermath of what could have killed me mentally and physically.  I thank God for His protection over me that kept me from doing things I wouldn’t normally do and for giving up on life like so many people have done and who have left this earth for a better place.  So embrace your bad days and your stormy days because brighters days will soon be shining  It’s  Glorious light upon you.  I am counting it all joy and

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Chicago “the new Iraq”

In the past few years there has been a major spike in murders in the “windy city”.  Many of the victims are toodlers, teens, and the elderly caught in the crossfires of rival gangs feuding over a few blocks or so.  Many of chicago’s police force have also been shot and killed protecting the people pf these 10-15 block radius of what’s been dubbed “a war zone”.  There have been on the average this past year and last year (2011-2012) 4-10 murders every 12 days on the streets of Chicago.  Many of these murders happened within hours of one another. On one weekend in this past summer there were 10 murders on 1 weekend.

It has gotten so bad till the President himself President Obama made a public announcement and plea to end the violence that has changed thousands of lives in that city and still the body count is mounting.  We pray for the citizens of Chicago and for other cities who have a problem with the young teens needing to have an outlet in order to keep them out of the streets and out of gangs.  The problem with Chicago and many cities is that many of these neighborhoods are extremely poor and they have the highest unemployment rate among the national average.  For African American the unemployment rate is roughly 14-15% and the national around 8-9%.  So you have no jobs, no community Centers due to government cut backs decades ago no quality public schools or teachers who care as well as no parent to raise the kid because they have to work 2-3 jobs to pay for the run down apartment that’s over priced by at least 500-700 dollars per month.

For a teenager especially a black male you literally have no choice but to join the gangs.  As one gang member put it “your either the pray or the predator”.  I feel that now is the time for all denominational churches should rally together and help rebuild those communities by buying some of those dilapitated buildings to finance and start a business, like convient stores, beauty shops and stores.  They can have a drug store the sky is the limit but my point is before we can begin “kingdom building” we first have to invest in the people and give them the opportunity to have pride in their community.  This isn’t a government issue, yet the police will have to clean the streets from drugs,guns,and gangs while the people begin to rebuild and reclaim.

Every person is special in the eyes of God and sometimes they just nee

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