Who will be the next Nehemiah?

In the years Presidential elcetion we have heard and seen in these past few months so much negativity about each candidates for all sides of the spectrum.  Some were called welfare givers and others were called an out of touch with the people (half) of this great nation.   It’s time to drop the name calling and the story telling of how these candidates grew up and how lifes experience has shape them into who they are.  Well we the beleivers must also ask, “who are they; and who do they truly represent and belong to?  In the book of Nehemiah chapters 5,6 we learn of a man, a governor if you will who is busy rebuilding the city of Jeruselum when he learns of the treachery his own constituents were doing to their own people. They were over taxing, taking their lands, homes, cattle and even jobs and forcing them to slave labor to work for what was rightfully theirs in the first place.  Nehemiah hearing of this becomes angry yet he gives thought by self observation before reacting out of emotions.  He then begin to scorn the political leaders about their greed and disheartened ways and to make a plegde before God the restore the people back to where they were and with interest.  Although Nehemiah was a governor as well he chose not to indulged in all the benefits that were alottted to him by his position, rather he chose to have the same as the common man because he felt that it would be to hard on the people if he were to do as his fellow politicians did and grant themselves all the fringe benefits they could muster up.  Nehemiah told his contituents that he will shake out his robe as well as God will judge every man according to his works and shall also shake out all his possessions as well.  You see Nehemiah was and upright, fair and just man who feared The Lord.  Even when he was able to get all the perks from being governor he chose not to because of Gods people who were suffering.  Nehemiah didn’t just see a party line he, he saw Gods people.  When you chose a candidate he/she should be first a God fearing man who loves the Lord and understand who truly is the leader of his household and this nation. A man with great integrity and good character.  A man who is faithful in doing what He/she says with confidence to go along with it. A communicator who’s bold enough to take on tough decisions even when his own party may not agree.  A man who has a prayer life and love for his country.  When you get down to it you really have narro

wed down the choices to a minimal.  After this allow God to speak to your soul on who he would like to be the next Nehemiah.  I ask all beleivers of this wonderful country as a Pastor, leader, father, teacher,friend and an to the inheritence to come out and cast your vote in November for the next Nehemiah of this great nation!
Thank you and God Bless,

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