5 More Days 2 a New Ending!

November 6, 2012 will be a defining moment for all parties in which direction this country will be headed in. Many americans are still undecided on who will be the next president of the United States and if he will be able to single handedly turn this economy around in less than four years.

The truth is most Americans are not really thinking like an American yet they are thinking as individuals; who can benefit me the most and the fastest as President.  You see the problem isn’t just the right candidate but the will to go through some tough times and begin to working together as a nation, a people whom which beleives by faith that this too shall pass.  We are the people of God and what that means is “we can have totally recovery, complete victory if we begin to walk with out brothers and sisters in unity!

Stop dividing yourselves between parties and unite yourselves with positive action.   Why must we continue to allow devasting incidents to unite us such as the recent Hurricane “Sandy” which destroyed and killed 62 people this past week.  It is this division which keeps us hating,fearing, avoiding, discriminating,denying citizens of basic neccessities to support their families and keep many from progressing even when they qualify to compete with others in a divided world.  It one for all and all for one and until we figure out that despite our race, religion,gender,ethnicity,age or anything else, “people need people”.

This election will bring us a President for the next

four years and that’s cool, the question is as an American of the richest nation what part will you play in the next four years to help your brothers and sisters move closer to their destiny.  Who will you encourage, who will you teach, who will you love and who will stand up and say ” I am the change that will creat a new world”.

                                                  Happy Election Day!

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