Why should (eye) forgive?

Have you ever been in a situation or a relationship where no matter what you did, no matter how much of yourself you saccrificed the people who say the love you always, always seem to hurt you?   Did they even try to explain there negative actions toward you. Or even the reasons why they would even hurt you? Its often at the hands of family members,friends, teachers,coaches and pastors; hurt comes in many forms and there is no end to the pain or so it seems.  Many of our youth today comes from bro

ken homes, drug abuse families, sexual abuse, insest, alcoholism, domestic violence and the list goes on and on.  The bible teaches us to “love our neighbors” and for children to obey the parents, but what happens when that parent is on drugs and is an absentee parent?  How does a child begin to grow and be productive when the odds are already against them!  What if a child is gay or a lesbian and their family is homophobic who do they have to turn to?  My point is that for the people of this world there are soooo many trials and tribulations one may have to go through, and most of the time its not of their own doing.  When we were first created our lives was intended to be tillers of the earth and to replenish it as well.  God created man and woman to rule the earth together as one.  But somehow man begin to turn from his basic assignment of having dominion over the earth and decided to having dominion over man.  Since then we have as God creatures continued to shame God by how we treat one another; we hate blacks, gays, illegal immagrants,young people(wearing their pants down), peolple who are poor, and etc.  There’s  a lot of self gratification as well to add to the mix.  Many people hurt other people simply because someone hurt them.  Its a domino affect, where if one person was sexually abused when they were young,  and they go out and abuse someone who can’t defend themselves (young or mentally challenged).  Or if my father was an alcoholic then it won’t be long till I’m hitting the sauce.  You see the pattern, yet it is only when we seek deep counseling and deep soul searching with bible principles that we begin to break the cycle of abuse and begin the process of forgiveness and healing… people who have different sexual preferences shouldn’t be treated as anything but who God made them to be and that is His children.  Forgiveness is a healing therapy and it releases you from being controlled by something or someone that can no longer bound you.  It releases the spirit to be able to love again and to say “I love you cause God loves you”.  Yes forgiveness is difficult especially in an untimely death of any person rather from gun violence to a drunk driver heading the wrong way, one can honestly say its easier said than done.  But oh what a mighty God we serve that none of His ways are like ours.  We don’t know why so many kids die each year from the hands of their gaurdians, murderd, rape and abducted I don’t have the answer why evil men keeps Nancy Grace show so popular night after night.  Forgivess is lengthy, it takes time, months,even years to move past any traumatic situation, but life goes on as difficult as it seems and somehow someway and someday love will again fill your spirit in order for you to forgive so that nothing not even hate can destroy all the love, the joy and the victories God has in store for your life.  Pain at times can create new life for someone who may soon find themselves in your use to be shoes of misery.  Remember your struggles is a testimony for others.  So count it all joy and give thanks to The Lord; His mercies endures forever and ever… and that’s why we must forgive,

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