Who’s side are you really on? After the Presidential election

Now that we have re-elected President Obama as the President of the United States where do we go from here?  No matter which political side you were on, we know have to rally the troops and unite as one right?  Well for some Republicans that’s a tough pill to swallow after one of the most expensive debates on record (6 billion dollars).

We are now at a cross roads we are about to encounter a fiscal cliff if congress once again

does not put the party lines aside and come to an intelligent decision on reducing the deficit by strategicly supporting the Bush tax cuts by the end of 2012.  If congress decide to stonewall the major and historical peice of legislation we will by January 1st have increased taxes on the middleclass as well as the poor. The only true winner will be the wealthy because they would’ve proven their point and kept their riches.

President Obama should make some headway by listening to the Republican party side about why not taxing the wealthy would benefit the American people.  We know that in the past presidency that their stand point. Was that the wealthy would create jobs and we also know from history that never happened, if fact jobs went overseas faster than ever!  So the Republican lawmakers should garauntee jobs won’t leave the US but their lies the problem; they cant .

I am for the people and the  (POG) people of God of beleives that a deal has to be done with where everybody looses and the (POG) wins!  Its due time that politicains get over their hatred or dislike for one another and get to work!  Just today Gov. Romney accused President Obama for giving (free gifts) to people to why he lost this election to his donors\sponsors.  He went on to say (fomer Gov. Romney) “the world is in a mindset of entitlement”.

Now all of America who are parents can attest to their children having a mind set of “entitlement” but what dissapoints me about the former Governor is,…..he’s truly out of touch with everyday people and yet he made millions upon millions. Of dollars providing for his family while moving jobs overseas, closing factories while other families had to suffer and go on this welfare system years before President Obama ever took office.  He did all of this as a so called man of God yet I’ve never heard of him helping any families out of despair outside of the Mormon circle.

I am a man of God and Gov. Romney must of never read in the book of Amos or in Nehemiah chapter 5-6.  A man will be judge from the inside and not from the pocket size.  My hope and prayer is the both parties of congress will swallow their ego’s and kneel down to allow God to operate in their spirit to do His will to pass this bill…  in Jesus Name!

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