I am filled with Thanksgiving

Today marked a day where well things went pretty descent.  Despite being overwhelmed in bills that are months overdue, I managed to have a day of reflection while at work.  As I was working I realized after fasting and praying for 3 weeks I no longer had a negative attitutde about my job or my co-workers.  I felt at times. In previous months that I was not appreciated nor did I get treated fairly on many occassions.

I even spoke out adruptly one time when I felt something was against me.  Shortly afterwards I went on a fasting and decided to get re-connected with God because my behavior was really starting to take cotrol over my spirit and it was a dissapointing feeling.  Fast forward to today I am still months behind in debt and I can’t seem to make enough money fast enough yet my spirit is at peace because I gave it up to God (totally)!

What that means is no longer do I stay up worrying about my finances, because I know God will supply all my needs.  Today when I was working one of the barbacks who had just arrived to work asked me “how was your day”?  I replied back to him “great God is good man”

and he replied back, “oh yeah and he will supply all your needs”.  I knew that was not only confirmation but a message through the holy spirit that God does here me and see’s my (your) struggles.

Continue to walk by faith not looking at your situation as if its too big for God….nothings too big for God not your reposession, your foreclosure, your job loss, friends,family and loved ones deserting nothing that we go through God can’t see you through.  That’s why I’m so thankful for God’s unchanging hand that’s keeps me and hides me from my enemies because something should’ve did me/us in or even killed us but God stood in for us and He hid us from total destruction.

I’m filled with His loving-kindness,compassion, grace peace and mercies that there is no room in my soul for negativity,worry,anxiety, doubt, fear, frustration because I am full of His Thanksgiving.  This holiday and each and everyday of your life feed yourselves the Word of God and meditate daily and on it.  You will begin to grow mentally and spiritually in Him which fills your heart and soul completely.  There is no food, no wine or sprirt that could ever fill your stomach or quench your thirst like the Word of God.

So whatever you do, start “eating the word” it has giving me an unquenchable thirst, that it flows like the living waters healing, delivering, santifying, restoring and refreshing my spirit day by day all through Christ Jesus,  and for that I Am Thank-Full…..

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