The New America; Faithless & Fearful!(Where are you putting all your marbles in God or government?

As I read over and over tens of articles about the President’s re-election I can’t help but be so frustrated over the same writings by several journalist who are speaking for mainly (white America) when they say that wealthy people are going to suffer because of more taxes which by the many millions upon millions of poor/middleclass Americans have been over paying from the time they started working and they still are! Don’t get me wrong I’m not an President Obama advocate but its over man and he won!

Then I’m reading Christian news and their calling the President “The Antichrist” and he will lead us to the end of the world!  If we are true Americans we will stand together no matter who is in office right?, wrong many of these big wigs are angry because they can no longer do business as usuauali( good ol’ boy network) snuffing out the little people and pimping jobs overseas to hide their waelth out of the country.  There’s no more back door dealings as well with all these pork belly fundings for companies that don’t exist yet tax payers end up paying millions in taxes for and “they never know about”.  This election should be about “unity in the community” and people uniting to build their own cities one brick at a time.  Congress don’t care and won’t help, solve, and get anything significant thing done while this President is in office and its already evident.

Scripture tells us about the shaking of the nations and the shifting/transfer of wealth clearly just google “transfer of wealth” to find the scripture.  This isn’t a shocker and this President does not control (my faith and my destiny nor my finances), God does! So whati s all the fuss about this little ni#^!  That has America in this panic mode!! Race… that’s what the whole thing is about. Is for so long we were taught that black folks were not leaders but good workers (until our latino brothers arrived) and now this black man with this incredible charisma and intelligenc along with a beautiful family has stepped into the white house….. for a second term!

If We don’t as a nation begin to pray, fast, worship, praise and honor God instead worshipping a man yes we will have a fiscal fiasco because we’ve made a President a God and why, all because a small percentage says “hey don’t touch my slave money those negroes worked hard to advance my families and my American businesses” ( I had to go there).  Yeah we’ve been sticking it to the less fortunat for a long time and shame on you middleclass and rich folks who chimmed in on every negative campaign rumor or word you heard without praying first and doing your own research.

I heard no such thing when all those soldiers (including my daughter) was sent to a slaughter in Iraq and Afganistan when The former President sent them there and for what??? Oh yeah to take oil from sovereign nations to get more billions…. I wouldn’t care if Elmer Fudd himself was running this country because my mind stays on “thee” who constantly keeps me and hides me from my enemies and

who sent His son to save me from all my enemies and crown me with riches and glory! So I ask you again what’s the fuss over this one little ni&^%!

Nothing because I belong to a king who is “The Lord of Lords and The kings of Kings. So while your still crying, fighting and writng about your fears of a President, I’ll be declaring and testifying about the goodness of My President, His Name Is Jesus Christ….. you’ve been warned that every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess, He is good and His mercies endure forever!!!

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