2016- “Raising A Nehemiah”

It is now 2 weeks after the Presidential debate and we’re now facing a fiscal clif by December 31, 2012.  If congress and the President does not reach an agreement on the tax issues it will create an automatic tax increase and major spending reduction across the board!  This is one incident that could delay America from getting its economy turned around, and another is the constant name calling coming initially from the Republican’s who are still reeling over loosing the Presidential race to the “hated President Obam”.   Ok we hear your agony of defeat loud and clear but we must now pick up the peices and unite as one country and move forward.

Just today there was another attack (name calling) against Ambassador Rice who as we know is an African American female.  Just today Senator John McCain refered to the ambassador as “not smart and dumb”.  Ambassador Rice and all of congress knows she  is a bright intelligent women as well as was a “road scholar” by the age of 26.  Her record and education is stellar and yet like President Obama there have been many “code names” thrown at them both such as arrogant, lazy, uppity, non chalant, dumb, not smart, hate white people?  These are former words used to label slaves who had some intelligence and who knew who they were.  When people know who they are and who they belong too, the enemy begins to shake and have fear.  I’m not concerned about the “race issue” but I am concerned about the righteousness issues that american have decide To overlook in order to satisfy their own selfish personal gain.

Neither of the parties have acted godly in any form or fashion concerning rebuilding America  by saving not just “the middleclass” but the entire universe!  We have forgotten our first assignment as being the one’s who have Complete dominion over the earth and to take good care of it.  Instead we’ve decided to worship religion, wealth, power, and our personal desires.  We are slowly destroying the earth from all sides and allowing “every personal greed, lust, control to disrupt God’s purpose and plan for each and every individual He has created and placed on this earth.  No matter what part of the world you were born in  you only have
One God!  Our role should be to bare witness, evangelize, give testimony to one another while loving each other despite our differences and religion even if we are atheist; as children of God we were called to “love and to serve one another”, the natural world calls it “pass it forward”, yet no matter how you slice it we must spread the Gospel and spread love, love and more love.

We pray for our brothers and sisters in Gaza and Israel who are in a turmoil right now.  I ask every individual who is a child of God to pray for peace between to two sides.  We are brothers even from different backgrounds and to the Heavenlies “We Are One”.  Let’s not continue to do the same things our predacessors have done but let’s begin to forgive our debtors as well as our enemies and forget about what was done to us and remember what God has done(for us).  He has given us new life and a place to have redemption, restoration, reconcilation and revitalization through our Lord and Saviour!.  We are saved by Grace, so no longer do we have to live in madness, in anger, in frustration, in unforgiveness because His blood Has worked it out for us to live and not die.

The next 4 years I will be looking and recruiting the people of God to no longer look for a tea party, democratic party or republican party to choose.  In the next 4 years we will be earnestly searching for a man of God, and man of great integrity, God fearing man who’s fair and just.  A man/women who knows who they are and who they serve in the world, though not of the world.  A man/women who will seek out the truth first and foremost and who has compassion, courage, comitment,  communicator, negotiator, peacemaker, caring along with humility not only for this country but the entire nation.  This individual will possess a “Nehemiah” spirit that will consume him/her through their campaign.  This new election of 2016 will be so explosive because the POG(people of God) will vote this person in and begin to change a nation.  No longer will  we be bother with the same ol’ politics of letting Fox News (republican channel) or any other mainstream news  to tell us about our candidate.  We will know who will be the next “Nehemiah” by the Holy Spirit speaking to us about what God is saying to us in our spirits.  Nothing will sway us about the negative campaigning that news media will through at our candidate.  His stance on gay marriage, abortion,illegal immagrant status, no we won’t entertain those common drama pills that every candidate falls into. we will unite as one and vote for the righteous over the wicked!  No need to court the minority vote, gay vote, women vote or hispanic vote because in 2016 we will be voting as one body for the

“The Nehemiah”!

I am excited about this campaign on searching for the next Nehemia, I invite you to read chapters 5-6 to understand what this great man did for God’s people.  After that I encourage you to pass this blog on to any (POG) and together we will create a better country and nation by faith and through the Holy Spirit…….

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