Walmart – (the new welfare)

The facts are in and numbers don’t lie.  Walmart employees over 2 million employees, yet for all their “associates” they only receive below poverty wages. Per year.  It should be noted that for all the associate Walmart employ, millions of them are on some type of public assistants, medicaid and foodstamps being the major players.

Most Walamrt employees make slightly over $10.00 an hour that isn’t nearly enough to live off on even if you were single.  The average wage for Walmart employees after taxes is $1390.00 a month and that’s with full time employment.  The problem with Walmart shady practices is that all employees are hire part-time in order for them to defer frrom having to offer any benefits or raises.  Even if your there over 5 years you will never get full time status without doing something immoral to move ahead.

Every company has a right to run their companies as they see fir, but when you have managers covering up the “fair treatment” laws in the back of their stores it puts you in the mind of the 40’s and 60’s when many places weren’t unionized and were treated live modern day slaves.  The fact that if Walmart paid all their employees 30% more in salary they would still make billions in profit.  It would also create over 100,000 new jobs due to low income workers will spend more money creating more jobs, isn’t that what America is about taking care of one another?

Yet for the Walmart crew it is “winner take all” and that my friend is the Rebuplican way and why they hate progress of any kind!  Its about stepping on the neck of the little people in order to keep the old traditions alive and well.  My wish is. For every American, real American, true !merican to stop spending your money with an un-American company and to promote more unity with all major businesses to put this country back on top.  It is this selfish mentality that “the baby boomers” create over 3 decades ago of wanting more while doing less.

This overnight success and making money the sleazy way but moving jobs and cutting heads off!  Walmart is not an American store its a money store that hoards, hide, steals and kills.  So if their numbers increase this year by a decible

you only have yourselves to blame.  And remember this, Walmart stores have never put anything back into the communities they dominate nor have you seen “one truck” roll out whenever there is a natural disaster! They are in business to steal the life, blood, sweat and tears out of every hard earned dollar you make……now you know!

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