Chicago “the new Iraq”

In the past few years there has been a major spike in murders in the “windy city”.  Many of the victims are toodlers, teens, and the elderly caught in the crossfires of rival gangs feuding over a few blocks or so.  Many of chicago’s police force have also been shot and killed protecting the people pf these 10-15 block radius of what’s been dubbed “a war zone”.  There have been on the average this past year and last year (2011-2012) 4-10 murders every 12 days on the streets of Chicago.  Many of these murders happened within hours of one another. On one weekend in this past summer there were 10 murders on 1 weekend.

It has gotten so bad till the President himself President Obama made a public announcement and plea to end the violence that has changed thousands of lives in that city and still the body count is mounting.  We pray for the citizens of Chicago and for other cities who have a problem with the young teens needing to have an outlet in order to keep them out of the streets and out of gangs.  The problem with Chicago and many cities is that many of these neighborhoods are extremely poor and they have the highest unemployment rate among the national average.  For African American the unemployment rate is roughly 14-15% and the national around 8-9%.  So you have no jobs, no community Centers due to government cut backs decades ago no quality public schools or teachers who care as well as no parent to raise the kid because they have to work 2-3 jobs to pay for the run down apartment that’s over priced by at least 500-700 dollars per month.

For a teenager especially a black male you literally have no choice but to join the gangs.  As one gang member put it “your either the pray or the predator”.  I feel that now is the time for all denominational churches should rally together and help rebuild those communities by buying some of those dilapitated buildings to finance and start a business, like convient stores, beauty shops and stores.  They can have a drug store the sky is the limit but my point is before we can begin “kingdom building” we first have to invest in the people and give them the opportunity to have pride in their community.  This isn’t a government issue, yet the police will have to clean the streets from drugs,guns,and gangs while the people begin to rebuild and reclaim.

Every person is special in the eyes of God and sometimes they just nee

d to see it as much as they hear it.  So churches all around the world this is your wakeup call to rebuild the “walls of Jericho”!  No more building fund campaigns or pastors anniversary; its time to take back what the devil stole from these cities and take it by force!  Will you. Join us??

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