If we give thanks on Thursday why do we give it back on “Black creep Friday?

Ok every year we gear up for the holidays.  Thanksgiving though is the holiday that we as people around the world reflect on family, life, friends and the simplicity of living a life of thankfulness.  We celebrate the fact that we are so thankful not for material things or personal gains; But we are thankful for our families, our faith, our friends, our jobs, and our ability to give.

We stand around the table with our heads bowed going around the table saying what we are thankful for while paying respects for those who are less fortunate and who are unable to have any type of Thanksgiving and for those who don’t even have a permanent roof over their heads or clothes on their backs.  Yes we are so thankful for being so blessed with what we do have the most of…love.

Then we sit down to feast on a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner and laugh and drink and be merry.  After we’ve stuffed our bellies with 2-3 servings of everything it seems all the Thankfulness goes out the window and we can’t wait to leave that wonderful setting of grandma and grandpa and all our cousins sitting together and enjoying one another to load up the truck and begin to give all of our thankfulness/money to the Walmarts and other major malls/retailers.

Don’t get me wrong its a tradition for many families to go out and spend their hard earn money on retailers who can care less about their employess who thanks to your need to “give freely” to these retailers are having to work on this major holiday.  My personal opinion is we should call Thanksgiving “thanks all you suckaz”! With that Walmart smiley face under that slogan.  There’s no true meaning of Thanksgiving if its only about 5 hours with your family and 19 hours with major retailers then another 8 hours for recouperation!

Its your money and your choice, yet if we really want to keep our families intact and bounding more then we should try leaving all the high tech gadgets we put in front of our children while eating, and cutting off the tv.  We are over saturated with multiple distractions that keeps us needing to be doing something in order to avoid boardem.  One day soon there will be a time when we will face a dissaster where Walmart,, Macy’s or any other retailer will Not come  to aide you. They are in business to take your money not help you in any time of need or any major dissasters. No tv, electricity, no gas, no phone service, no internet and maybe no food, shelter, nor water… I wonder then as we gather together in our tribulations

when we are done praying and giving thanks for having the little that we still do have what we will do next??

Be serious when your being thankful because it may be your very last “Thanks-giving”……

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