It’s Over Now! (Financial struggles in 2012)

It’s over now! This year began with money flowing like a river for me!  I mean if I closed my eyes I would make a thousand bucks instantly!  Life was good family was cool and I was in the black.. soon after things got slow money didn’t flow like it used too and bills seemed harder and harder to pay on time!  I was flabergasted to say the least and could not stop the bleeding!

The funny thing is that my friends were going through the same problems as I was and I found myself more concerned about their welfare than my own.  It took nearly 5 1/2 months of struggling to realize what was the problem and how I can get things back like they were before.  You see life comes in seasons and some seasons brings more rain than sunshine.  I’ve endured so much of a wintery, stormy type of season that I began to try everything o could think of to get out of this mess!  Then it hit me; maybe this was my storms to weather and I just have to bunker down and bare its wrath.  Storms come at time to strengthen you for your next assignment in your life.  If gives you discipline, humility, patience, knowledge and wisdom to bare anything that may come you way.

Now I can see brighter days ahead although I’m still in the aftermath of what could have killed me mentally and physically.  I thank God for His protection over me that kept me from doing things I wouldn’t normally do and for giving up on life like so many people have done and who have left this earth for a better place.  So embrace your bad days and your stormy days because brighters days will soon be shining  It’s  Glorious light upon you.  I am counting it all joy and

leaving all things behind me to look forward to the futre.

The Storm Is Over Now and I’m so glad that I went through a financial blizzard and came out victorious!  My hope is for anyone reading this blog to continue to figjht the good fight and trust and believe that “no weapons formed against you shall prosper”.  Life is goood!

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