O’ Give Thanks for He Iz Good, His mercies endures for-ever!

Today started off a normal day but another day of being late on many of my bills.  Although money is tight and I have exhausted everyway possible to earn extra income I have been struggling literally for the past seven months.  I have been excited about this year ending because it has been one of the worst years financially I’ve endured in nearly 14 years and believe me it had nothing to do with the economy.

We as humans go through our seasons of famine and our seasons of prosperity in which we are blessed in the overflow by grace.  Yet in our famine we go through a test of our will, our hope, our faith, our patience and our obedience in listening to what the holy spirit is trying to say to us.  Sometimes we get impatient and begin to use our own minds and ideas on how to get out of our dilema/funk.  We at times even compromise our character and our integrity to get the resources we need to put us back in the black.  Yet what happens when your spirit is saying to you “peace be still”.  What if God is preparing you for your next assignment which will be more than you could have ever imagine.  If you take things into your own hands than maybe you do get the finances you need to stay afloat yet you’ve missed the opportunity to have become the next millionare or an entrepreneur by starting your ouwn business.

But “O’ give thanks to the Lord for He is good and his mercies endure forever”!  That’s what I have to say because I stayed the course and ran my race and now I have finally made the monies to pay not only my debtors but to also resume my ministry along with my internet tv show, my non-profit and my radio show as well as a comfortable savings and retirement funds.  There were many days when I thought I would never see daylight and I didn’t see the forest from the trees so to speak but “O’ give thanks to the Lord for His mercies are good and endures forever”!

I’m so glad I listen for the sound of God’s voice and not my friends, families, media or associates because it is Gods will that is what’s best for me and only He knows (my ending) before my beginning.  I am thankful to be filled with the holyspirit that c

ontinues to fill my soul with Gods grace and mercy.  It is what we should seek in times of trials and struggles.  Wait on the Lord and I assure you too will be blogging to the world about all of His goodness and all of His mercies which oh yes, endures forever!  God bless,

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