No love for the brothers at the HBCU’s..

Yesterday was a day of graduation all around the country. It was also Moorehouse College graduation day in Atlanta, Georgia and the commencement speaker was none other than The President of The United States. What surprised me initially was the lack of coverage for this great day of excellence; because there were 500 black men who were about to do something that most white Americans hardly gets to see….Graduate from a University!

The media did give this story about 20seconds of coverage and highlighted some of The President empowering words to the now “Moorehouse Men”, yet what I didn’t see was the enthusiastic from the writers,reporters or media in general about the positive side of the fact that not all young black men want to rap, play sports, be an actor. Some just want to do their part as true American citizens and try to change the world.

I was elated that The President was here doing the speech on a black historic college campus, yet I was also proud of the fact that despite all the adversities somehow these 500 young men held it toge

ther for four years and came out as victorious leaders for their families, their peers and their communities; now that’s a story worth telling.

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