If we give thanks on Thursday why do we give it back on “Black creep Friday?

Ok every year we gear up for the holidays.  Thanksgiving though is the holiday that we as people around the world reflect on family, life, friends and the simplicity of living a life of thankfulness.  We celebrate the fact that we are so thankful not for material things or personal gains; But we are thankful for our families, our faith, our friends, our jobs, and our ability to give.

We stand around the table with our heads bowed going around the table saying what we are thankful for while paying respects for those who are less fortunate and who are unable to have any type of Thanksgiving and for those who don’t even have a permanent roof over their heads or clothes on their backs.  Yes we are so thankful for being so blessed with what we do have the most of…love.

Then we sit down to feast on a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner and laugh and drink and be merry.  After we’ve stuffed our bellies with 2-3 servings of everything it seems all the Thankfulness goes out the window and we can’t wait to leave that wonderful setting of grandma and grandpa and all our cousins sitting together and enjoying one another to load up the truck and begin to give all of our thankfulness/money to the Walmarts and other major malls/retailers.

Don’t get me wrong its a tradition for many families to go out and spend their hard earn money on retailers who can care less about their employess who thanks to your need to “give freely” to these retailers are having to work on this major holiday.  My personal opinion is we should call Thanksgiving “thanks all you suckaz”! With that Walmart smiley face under that slogan.  There’s no true meaning of Thanksgiving if its only about 5 hours with your family and 19 hours with major retailers then another 8 hours for recouperation!

Its your money and your choice, yet if we really want to keep our families intact and bounding more then we should try leaving all the high tech gadgets we put in front of our children while eating, and cutting off the tv.  We are over saturated with multiple distractions that keeps us needing to be doing something in order to avoid boardem.  One day soon there will be a time when we will face a dissaster where Walmart,, Macy’s or any other retailer will Not come  to aide you. They are in business to take your money not help you in any time of need or any major dissasters. No tv, electricity, no gas, no phone service, no internet and maybe no food, shelter, nor water… I wonder then as we gather together in our tribulations

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Walmart – (the new welfare)

The facts are in and numbers don’t lie.  Walmart employees over 2 million employees, yet for all their “associates” they only receive below poverty wages. Per year.  It should be noted that for all the associate Walmart employ, millions of them are on some type of public assistants, medicaid and foodstamps being the major players.

Most Walamrt employees make slightly over $10.00 an hour that isn’t nearly enough to live off on even if you were single.  The average wage for Walmart employees after taxes is $1390.00 a month and that’s with full time employment.  The problem with Walmart shady practices is that all employees are hire part-time in order for them to defer frrom having to offer any benefits or raises.  Even if your there over 5 years you will never get full time status without doing something immoral to move ahead.

Every company has a right to run their companies as they see fir, but when you have managers covering up the “fair treatment” laws in the back of their stores it puts you in the mind of the 40’s and 60’s when many places weren’t unionized and were treated live modern day slaves.  The fact that if Walmart paid all their employees 30% more in salary they would still make billions in profit.  It would also create over 100,000 new jobs due to low income workers will spend more money creating more jobs, isn’t that what America is about taking care of one another?

Yet for the Walmart crew it is “winner take all” and that my friend is the Rebuplican way and why they hate progress of any kind!  Its about stepping on the neck of the little people in order to keep the old traditions alive and well.  My wish is. For every American, real American, true !merican to stop spending your money with an un-American company and to promote more unity with all major businesses to put this country back on top.  It is this selfish mentality that “the baby boomers” create over 3 decades ago of wanting more while doing less.

This overnight success and making money the sleazy way but moving jobs and cutting heads off!  Walmart is not an American store its a money store that hoards, hide, steals and kills.  So if their numbers increase this year by a decible

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2016- “Raising A Nehemiah”

It is now 2 weeks after the Presidential debate and we’re now facing a fiscal clif by December 31, 2012.  If congress and the President does not reach an agreement on the tax issues it will create an automatic tax increase and major spending reduction across the board!  This is one incident that could delay America from getting its economy turned around, and another is the constant name calling coming initially from the Republican’s who are still reeling over loosing the Presidential race to the “hated President Obam”.   Ok we hear your agony of defeat loud and clear but we must now pick up the peices and unite as one country and move forward.

Just today there was another attack (name calling) against Ambassador Rice who as we know is an African American female.  Just today Senator John McCain refered to the ambassador as “not smart and dumb”.  Ambassador Rice and all of congress knows she  is a bright intelligent women as well as was a “road scholar” by the age of 26.  Her record and education is stellar and yet like President Obama there have been many “code names” thrown at them both such as arrogant, lazy, uppity, non chalant, dumb, not smart, hate white people?  These are former words used to label slaves who had some intelligence and who knew who they were.  When people know who they are and who they belong too, the enemy begins to shake and have fear.  I’m not concerned about the “race issue” but I am concerned about the righteousness issues that american have decide To overlook in order to satisfy their own selfish personal gain.

Neither of the parties have acted godly in any form or fashion concerning rebuilding America  by saving not just “the middleclass” but the entire universe!  We have forgotten our first assignment as being the one’s who have Complete dominion over the earth and to take good care of it.  Instead we’ve decided to worship religion, wealth, power, and our personal desires.  We are slowly destroying the earth from all sides and allowing “every personal greed, lust, control to disrupt God’s purpose and plan for each and every individual He has created and placed on this earth.  No matter what part of the world you were born in  you only have
One God!  Our role should be to bare witness, evangelize, give testimony to one another while loving each other despite our differences and religion even if we are atheist; as children of God we were called to “love and to serve one another”, the natural world calls it “pass it forward”, yet no matter how you slice it we must spread the Gospel and spread love, love and more love.

We pray for our brothers and sisters in Gaza and Israel who are in a turmoil right now.  I ask every individual who is a child of God to pray for peace between to two sides.  We are brothers even from different backgrounds and to the Heavenlies “We Are One”.  Let’s not continue to do the same things our predacessors have done but let’s begin to forgive our debtors as well as our enemies and forget about what was done to us and remember what God has done(for us).  He has given us new life and a place to have redemption, restoration, reconcilation and revitalization through our Lord and Saviour!.  We are saved by Grace, so no longer do we have to live in madness, in anger, in frustration, in unforgiveness because His blood Has worked it out for us to live and not die.

The next 4 years I will be looking and recruiting the people of God to no longer look for a tea party, democratic party or republican party to choose.  In the next 4 years we will be earnestly searching for a man of God, and man of great integrity, God fearing man who’s fair and just.  A man/women who knows who they are and who they serve in the world, though not of the world.  A man/women who will seek out the truth first and foremost and who has compassion, courage, comitment,  communicator, negotiator, peacemaker, caring along with humility not only for this country but the entire nation.  This individual will possess a “Nehemiah” spirit that will consume him/her through their campaign.  This new election of 2016 will be so explosive because the POG(people of God) will vote this person in and begin to change a nation.  No longer will  we be bother with the same ol’ politics of letting Fox News (republican channel) or any other mainstream news  to tell us about our candidate.  We will know who will be the next “Nehemiah” by the Holy Spirit speaking to us about what God is saying to us in our spirits.  Nothing will sway us about the negative campaigning that news media will through at our candidate.  His stance on gay marriage, abortion,illegal immagrant status, no we won’t entertain those common drama pills that every candidate falls into. we will unite as one and vote for the righteous over the wicked!  No need to court the minority vote, gay vote, women vote or hispanic vote because in 2016 we will be voting as one body for the

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The New America; Faithless & Fearful!(Where are you putting all your marbles in God or government?

As I read over and over tens of articles about the President’s re-election I can’t help but be so frustrated over the same writings by several journalist who are speaking for mainly (white America) when they say that wealthy people are going to suffer because of more taxes which by the many millions upon millions of poor/middleclass Americans have been over paying from the time they started working and they still are! Don’t get me wrong I’m not an President Obama advocate but its over man and he won!

Then I’m reading Christian news and their calling the President “The Antichrist” and he will lead us to the end of the world!  If we are true Americans we will stand together no matter who is in office right?, wrong many of these big wigs are angry because they can no longer do business as usuauali( good ol’ boy network) snuffing out the little people and pimping jobs overseas to hide their waelth out of the country.  There’s no more back door dealings as well with all these pork belly fundings for companies that don’t exist yet tax payers end up paying millions in taxes for and “they never know about”.  This election should be about “unity in the community” and people uniting to build their own cities one brick at a time.  Congress don’t care and won’t help, solve, and get anything significant thing done while this President is in office and its already evident.

Scripture tells us about the shaking of the nations and the shifting/transfer of wealth clearly just google “transfer of wealth” to find the scripture.  This isn’t a shocker and this President does not control (my faith and my destiny nor my finances), God does! So whati s all the fuss about this little ni#^!  That has America in this panic mode!! Race… that’s what the whole thing is about. Is for so long we were taught that black folks were not leaders but good workers (until our latino brothers arrived) and now this black man with this incredible charisma and intelligenc along with a beautiful family has stepped into the white house….. for a second term!

If We don’t as a nation begin to pray, fast, worship, praise and honor God instead worshipping a man yes we will have a fiscal fiasco because we’ve made a President a God and why, all because a small percentage says “hey don’t touch my slave money those negroes worked hard to advance my families and my American businesses” ( I had to go there).  Yeah we’ve been sticking it to the less fortunat for a long time and shame on you middleclass and rich folks who chimmed in on every negative campaign rumor or word you heard without praying first and doing your own research.

I heard no such thing when all those soldiers (including my daughter) was sent to a slaughter in Iraq and Afganistan when The former President sent them there and for what??? Oh yeah to take oil from sovereign nations to get more billions…. I wouldn’t care if Elmer Fudd himself was running this country because my mind stays on “thee” who constantly keeps me and hides me from my enemies and

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I am filled with Thanksgiving

Today marked a day where well things went pretty descent.  Despite being overwhelmed in bills that are months overdue, I managed to have a day of reflection while at work.  As I was working I realized after fasting and praying for 3 weeks I no longer had a negative attitutde about my job or my co-workers.  I felt at times. In previous months that I was not appreciated nor did I get treated fairly on many occassions.

I even spoke out adruptly one time when I felt something was against me.  Shortly afterwards I went on a fasting and decided to get re-connected with God because my behavior was really starting to take cotrol over my spirit and it was a dissapointing feeling.  Fast forward to today I am still months behind in debt and I can’t seem to make enough money fast enough yet my spirit is at peace because I gave it up to God (totally)!

What that means is no longer do I stay up worrying about my finances, because I know God will supply all my needs.  Today when I was working one of the barbacks who had just arrived to work asked me “how was your day”?  I replied back to him “great God is good man”

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Who’s side are you really on? After the Presidential election

Now that we have re-elected President Obama as the President of the United States where do we go from here?  No matter which political side you were on, we know have to rally the troops and unite as one right?  Well for some Republicans that’s a tough pill to swallow after one of the most expensive debates on record (6 billion dollars).

We are now at a cross roads we are about to encounter a fiscal cliff if congress once again

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Why should (eye) forgive?

Have you ever been in a situation or a relationship where no matter what you did, no matter how much of yourself you saccrificed the people who say the love you always, always seem to hurt you?   Did they even try to explain there negative actions toward you. Or even the reasons why they would even hurt you? Its often at the hands of family members,friends, teachers,coaches and pastors; hurt comes in many forms and there is no end to the pain or so it seems.  Many of our youth today comes from bro

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